Celebrating with electricity and sheep wool insulation

We had a really fun week, which for us currently means that we had a lot of visible progress on the house. Maria turned 35, and her generous parents gave us a generous contribution that we, of course, spent on building materials. Who would have thought that baffles (attic ventilation system), insulation, and lumber could be such a good present?! Jig worthy, even.

How lucky we are to wake up excited with that bubbling feeling of not being able to wait to rush outside. Excited or not, first we have to eat breakfast, feed chickens and dogs, make and pack lunch and tea, get on the work clothes, empty the dishwasher, and whatnot, before we can get out of the house. “Like a herd of turtles,” as Sebastienne’s grandma used to say. Once we are building, though, we both get so swept up in the work that we are reluctant to take pee breaks…in the flow of satisfying work/play we are at our happiest.

We work best when we have separate projects, since we both like to decide what to do, and then do it…neither of us make very good assistants or second fiddlers. It’s perfect to have the other one around for sharing a cup of tea or a kiss, but to be able to work on our own. Last week M insulated the walls, while Seb ran the DC wire and hooked up the distribution panel/breaker box. Seb had to wrestle with the thick DC wire for the propane vent, toilet vent, and stove vent (all RV or boat models that require DC), and she also hooked up a couple of DC outlets where we can charge the computer, for example.

We love the sheep wool insulation that we got from Good Shepherd Wool Insulation: http://www.goodshepherdwool.com/  Compared to itchy and gross fiberglass, it’s like wrapping your house in a wool blanket. Cozy enough to snuggle with. The wool is also pest, mold and flame resistant, and regulates the humidity in the house by taking up the humidity when the air is moist (without losing its R value!), and releasing it when it is dry. It arrived in bats, which were relatively easy to cut to size and staple in place.

We also put up the baffles (attic ventilation system) to be able to maintain the 1″ air gap that will vent our gabled cathedral ceiling when we later install the roof insulation. Without the air gap, our work with the soffits would have been all for naught, and we sweated enough over those soffits last summer not to ever forget them. The baffles were cheap, light, and quick to install – that’s the way we like it!

Now…damtaramtamtam…we get to order the bead board ceiling, V-planks for the walls, and white pine tongue in groove planks for the floor. Crazy fun!

Seb runs the DC wire
Seb runs the DC wire

insulation (2) insulation (3) 

DC outlet
DC outlet

insulation (4)

M cuts the whole for the porch outlet
M cuts the hole for the porch outlet

insulation (6) insulation (7)

Ada reads Edgar Allen Poe
Ada reads Edgar Allan Poe
Ada writes science haikus
Ada writes science haiku
Sheep wool insulation
Sheep wool insulation
M cuts the insulation bats to length
M cuts the insulation bats to length
M staples the insulation to the studs
M staples the insulation to the studs

insulation (13) insulation (14) insulation (15) insulation (16) insulation (17) insulation (18)

S puts together the utility box
S puts together the distribution panel

insulation (20)

M staples the baffels to the ceiling
M staples the baffels to the ceiling

insulation (22) insulation (23)

Ada's loft
Ada’s loft

insulation (25) insulation (26) insulation (27)

4 thoughts on “Celebrating with electricity and sheep wool insulation

  1. Is the wool insulation rated the same in the terms of fibre glass insulation? Does it break down in time? Your place is really taking shape and looking great. Happy birthday to Maria!

      1. This old house I live in had wool insulation in the attic, but it’s all dust now. I would imagine it must take a very long time for it to do so though so it would out live a generation at least.

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